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Original Paintings. Commissioned works


Original Paintings | Commisioned Works

About the Artist


Sara Crawford is a self-taught contemporary and abstract artist who began her career as a Hospice Social Worker and Counselor.  Although she has always loved the creative process, she did not actually employ a paintbrush until her adult years.


She originally began her journey into learning how to paint due to the encouragement of one of her Hospice patients, and taking her first art class fulfilled a promise made to that special patient in her final days.

Following a decision to leave the full-time workplace to care for her children, phase one of Sara's art career began when an “unplanned” furniture painting business emerged in her life.  Only in recent years has she taken her brush to canvases to create.  The discovery of the palette knife, heavy-bodied paints, texture, and an abstract framework, has provided a new and exciting freedom in her creative expression.

Signature Artwork


Most of Sara's works are inspired by shapes and colors found in nature, and by elements of her faith.  The first layer of each painting begins with an application of texture, including mustard seeds to represent that faith.  The second layer includes a chosen Scripture verse written in bold, permanent ink that will lie beneath, and be the inspiration for, the ultimate colors and composition of the piece. 


When a work is complete, her final signature is to add that Scripture to the back of the canvas to inspire and encourage those who bring that piece of art into the story of their lives.

Painting with a Purpose

Making a difference in the communities that she calls home is important to Sara.  Her desire to be a generous steward of her creative gift led to the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds of each piece sold to charitable organizations in Austin, TX and the Texas Hill Country.


Sara lives and paints in Austin, TX with her husband, Matt, their three children, and her beloved four-legged studio assistant, Deacon.

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